Monday, 26 November 2012

My recent concerts.

23rd/May-Eastfields house in Reading,Berkshire.27th/May-Sunrise nursing home in Bagshot,Berkshire.6th/September-Lumen church near the British museum in London.28th/September-Free church in Hampstead Garden Suburb in London.3rd/October-chapel at the Royal Marsden hospital in London.12th/November-Teikyo school,a Japanese high school in Slough,Berkshire.I have performed my Violin sonata no.1 and the "Rondino,based on the Scarborough Fair" in some of these concerts.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My recent concerts.

I gave concerts at the Sunrise in Elstree in Hertfordshire on 17th/March,Abbeyfield house in Kew in Surrey on 13th/April,Sunrise in Banstead in Surrey on 20th/April,Sunrise in Esher in Surrey on 26th/April,Sunrise in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire on 5th/May. Also,I gave a concert and sold my home-made cookies at  the Japan festival at Cambridge university on 5th/May.This was for the charity for the orphans,who lost the parents by the earthquake/tsunami in northern Japan on 11th/March last year. It was great to work for this cause.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Smetana and the Polish nationalist composer,Moniuszko appreciated each other's works and performed. Speaking of Wagner's declamatory style of composition and his endless melody in orchestration,Smetana once said in the circle of his friend;"We,Czechs are a singing people and can't accept this method". On another occasion,he declared that he was against Wagner's operas,being given in the National Theatre in Prague.He said that they were foreign to us in their downright germanism and that it was necessary to create,on the basis of the Wagnerian reforms,Czech musical drama,which would be on echo of the Czech spirit. Smetana learned a number of old Czech dance from a retired teacher,Suchy in Jabkenice. Smetana said "Dvorak was a very talanted composer,especially his symphony in E flat". Dvorak had never made a secret of the fact that Saint-Saens was not a composer,that he liked. Smetana said,"My compositions do not belong to the category of "absolute music",where you can find your way about with the aid of musical signs and a metronome.These aids are not enough for my compositions.All of my works has sprung from inner moods of my soul."- 1.&2.are quotations from "Letters&Reminiscences of Smetana"by Frantisek Bartos,translated from Czech by Daphne Rusbridge

Interesting facts about the Czech composer,Smetana. 1..

Asked the help from Liszt when he was young(in the beginning of his beginning of his career). Liszt helped him to publish his op.1 work by the Leipzig publisher,Franz Kistner. The compositions,submitted by Smetana to the Schumanns were not greatly to Clara Schumann's liking;above all she was not reconciled to the influence of Berlioz,which was noticeable in his compositions. Worked in Gothenburg,Sweden. Jiri,Benda,the founder of the Mannheim school,Stanic(or Stamitz),Richter,Myslivecek,Dusik,Rejcha etc.,but Smetana was the first to give Czech music its characteristic stamp,its own distinctive expression to bring to life,its typical rhythm and pulsation. In socialising occasion at Liszt's in Weimer-nasty statements by Viennese composer,Herbeck,who was a confirmed enemy of everything Czech."All that Bohemia can bring forth is fiddlers,mere performing musicians ,who can brag only of their perfection in craftsmanship,in the purely mechanical side of music,whereas on real artist's path of truth and beauty,your creative strength dwindles,indeed hitherto you have not done anything for the development and progress of musical art,for you have not a single composition to show,which is so purely Czech as to adorn and enrich European music literature by virtue of its characteristic originality". Myslivecek-wrote the operas in typical Italian style to Italian words under the name of Venatorini. Tomasek-imitation of Mozart? Liszt sort it out and played one of Smetana's works on the Piano.

Friday, 17 February 2012

My concerts on January and February in 2012.

St,Josephs Residential Home(Tring,Hertfordshire)on 20th/January and St.Matthews Residential Home(Redbourn,Hertfordshire)on 14th/February. P.S.My future concerts-Sunrise of Elstree on 17th/March,Free church(Hampstead Garden Suburbs,London)on 28th/September,Chapel at the Royal Marsden Hospital on 3rd/October,Sunrise of Winchester on 31st/December etc.

Info.s about my past concerts. in 2011.(continued from the previous section)

Culwood house(Chesham,Bucks)on 4th/October,chapel at the Royal Marsden hospital(South Kensington,London)on 5th/October,St.Michaels and All Angels church(Barnes,London)on 7th/October,St.Peters church(Notting Hill,London)on 10th/October,The Anchorage(Pulborough in West Sussex)on 21st/October,Greenways(Horsham in West Sussex)on 3rd/November,Sunrise of Winchester(Winchester,Hampshire)on 12th/November,Old Prebendal House(Shipton,Oxfordshire)on 15th/November,Chilterns End Home for Elderly People(Henley-on-Thames,Oxfordshire)on 21st/November,Sunrise of Winchester(Winchester,Hampshire)on 5th/December,Sunrise of Eastbourne(Eastbourne,East Sussex)on 17th/December,Sunrise of Elstree(Elstree,Hertfordshire)on 18th/December and Madley Park House(Witney,Oxfordshire)on 29th/December

Thursday, 29 September 2011

St.Hilda's church festival.

I gave a concert for the St.Hilda's church(Crofton park,London) festival&contributed to raise the money to fund for the repair of the roof of the chuch on 11th/June/2011.